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Green People

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Green People were one of the very first brands stocked by So Organic at launch in 2005.

So Organic and Green People have had a very special relationship ever since then. Green People, created by Charlotte Vøhtz, believe that you should not use chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Parabens or synthetic fragrances or colourants in products. Instead, natural, organic alternatives which are kind on the skin and also extremely effective should be the base products.

From the very start, organic essential oils were key to Charlotte’s design, replacing synthetic fragrances with beautiful natural scents and endowing the products with their own powerful properties. Thanks to the high percentage of organic ingredients and lack of synthetic chemicals present in the products, The Soil Association, Organic Food Federation or EcoCert are able to certify the products as organic.

History and Origin:
The story of Green People starts in 1994, when Charlotte Vøhtz’s daughter, then aged 2, had a problem with her Eczema. Charlotte found that many of her daughter’s skin allergies were caused by chemical-based household and personal care products. By eliminating these, and using chemical free products, her daughter’s skin began to clear up. With her background in natural medicine, she developed products for her daughter, and then for everyone! Today, with the help of Ian Taylor, one of the industry’s most respected natural product scientists, Green People produce products for ages 10 years and upwards. There is the Organic Babies and Organic Children range for the younger members of the family, while Oy! Organic Young offers teens and 20-somethings products to meet their own unique skin needs. In addition, there is a men's skin care range, Organic Homme, and Organic Base, a scent-free selection of essentials for those with very sensitive skin. Finally, the Age Defy+ range is designed to have an anti-ageing action for skin aged 35+.

Why We Chose Them:
The Green People range is wide, from hair to body care, deodorant to anti-ageing products. The prices are very reasonable, and the concentrated body wash’s and shampoo’s last for ages! The So Organic staff have always liked the Green People product quality and value for money.

Who Would Like Them?
Anyone looking for high performance products that are super effective with a very high proportion of organic ingredients.

Soil Association, Organic Food Federation and Ecocert certify differing Green People products.

Personal / Press Recommendations:

"I love all the body wash’s, as do our customers. They are great quality, and last for ages! You just need a 10p coins worth of the shampoo to wash really long hair, it is that good!" Jill, So Organic.