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eco washing powder and laundry liquid

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These days there’s no compromise when choosing eco friendly washing powder. These products work as well as mainstream brands with the added benefit that because they contain no synthetic colour or fragrance, people with eczema and allergies find their skin tolerates them much better than conventional washing powder.


These products do not contain optical brighteners which gives the bright white effect that you see advertised on TV washing powder ads. The ingredients used to create this effect can stay on your skin and natural cleaning products companies will not use them.


If you need a little help getting your whites whiter then add a spoonful of one of our natural laundry bleaches to your wash and wherever possible dry your laundry outside in the sunshine. These natural options will still get your whites looking sparkly clean without leaving chemical residues on your family’s skin.


If you need advice on which products to choose, please contact our customer service team free on 0800 169 2579 or email via the contact us page.