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Acorelle Hair Growth Minimiser

by Acorelle

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Quick Overview

Proven to reduce hair density and speed of regrowth using a unique formula contain black truffle extract which has been shown to inhibit hair regrowth after waxing. Tests show hair density reduced by 80% after 56 days.

Ideal for anyone who suffers from sensitivity caused by shaving or with thick hair regrowth and ingrown hairs.

The formula contains a patented black truffle extract, recognised as a powerful hair growth inhibitor, along with protein active enzymes that deliver the active ingredients into the core of the hair shaft. Hair regrowth is slower and hairs are fewer and finer.

Several years ago a French cosmetic chemist wanted to know why nothing grows under oak trees when there are black truffles growing in the soil. An extract from the truffles was found to inhibit plant growth under the oak trees and it is this same extract which was later found to inhibit hair regrowth after waxing.

The extract does not make the product smell of truffles though, a combination of essential oils give a fresh floral scent.

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