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Women's 3 Step Shave System

by Pacific Shaving Company

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Quick Overview

Just for women, all you need to adopt a clean, green shaving routine at a great price, the individual prices of these items total almost £27:
1) Women's Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub
2) Women's All Natural Shaving Cream
3) Women's Post-Shave Moisturizer

An exceptionally smooth shave starts with smooth, exfoliated skin. Add a luxurious, natural shaving cream (that will knock your socks off) and finish with a super hydrating, post-shave miracle cream and you've got everything you need - including hydrated and healthy skin.

A little goes a long way. Apply anywhere you shave. Handy but long lasting size that complies with hand luggage limits so perfect for frequent travellers too.

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