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Cottons products are just as effective as other feminine hygiene brands, but unlike most others (which are often made from synthetic materials like rayon, polypropylene and polyethylene), Cottons are only made from 100% natural cotton. Cottons tampons are hypo-allergenic and biodegradable too.

Comforts is a Cottons sister brand which makes liners and pads specially designed for bladder weakness. Comforts incontinence pads are made from natural materials with a pure cotton cover sheet which helps to minimise the discomfort and irritation of sensitive skin made worse by bladder weakness.

History and Origin:
Cottons and Comforts come from Australia where they are a leader in natural feminine hygiene products. Cottons is a brand that cares, not just about the products it creates but also women’s health issues in general. Cottons has made substantial charitable donations in recent years, to support women's reproductive health issues and empower women in indigenous communities in Australia and overseas.

Why We Chose Them:
When something is used as intimately as feminine hygiene products it makes sense to choose the most natural products possible. Cotton products are breathable, comfortable and non- irritating. Cottons 100% cotton tampons contain no synthetic materials, no chemicals and no dyes … what could be more natural?

Who Would Like Them?
Any woman will love the Cottons range; the products are just as effective as the mainstream alternative, they are generally no more expensive and they are better for the environment as well as enabling you to avoid synthetic ingredients and chemicals for some of the most intimate products you use each month.

Cottons products do not bear any certification marks

Customer Recommendations:

"As I have developed an allergy to Rayon and other chemicals in other brands of Tampon - which were making my life a misery - I am so pleased to have found something that I am able to use.”