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Natracare makes high quality feminine hygiene and baby products that use natural and organic materials and are free from synthetic ingredients which can irritate the body.

But Natracare is not just about natural and organic products, their philosophy which runs throughout the business is a about a deep respect for the planet and for future generations, and as a result they try to leave as soft a footprint on the earth as possible, in everything they do.

History and Origin:
Founded in 1989 by Susie Hewson, winner of the 2008 Women in Ethical Business Award (WEBA), today Natracare products are trusted by women all over the world.

Many gynaecologists advise women suffering skin allergies, irritations, soreness, and itching to switch to Natracare products. The products are just as effective as their conventional counterparts but they are made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

Why We Chose Them:
Feminine Hygiene products are one of the areas that many environmentally conscious women feel very guilty about. Every year, in Britain alone, we would have to dig a hole three hundred feet deep and three hundred feet wide to bury the sanitary pads that are thrown away. Natracare offers an alternative that is better for the environment and helps us to avoid chemicals without costing any more. Sounds like just the sort of product that So Organic customers would love.

Who Would Like Them?
Any woman will love the Natracare range; the products are just as effective as the mainstream alternative, they are generally no more expensive and they are better for the environment as well as enabling you to avoid synthetic ingredients and chemicals for some of the most intimate products you use each month.

Natracare products have a number of different certifications. The organic cotton tampons are certified organic by the Soil Association. The intimate wipes are certified organic with AIAB, and a number of the products bear the Nordic Swan symbol for eco friendly products.

Personal / Press Recommendations:

Sam (our founder) says "I use Natracare products myself and have recommended Natracare to 100’s of women, and never had any complaints. They work just as well as whatever you’re used to and don’t cost more, so what’s not to love? Try them out; I'm sure you'll feel the same.”