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Natural Hair Styling Products

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One of the biggest challenges when switching to organic toiletries is finding truly natural hair styling products. Technically these are very difficult products to create and give formulators a big headache.

Conventional styling products use some quite strong chemicals and a lot of plastic related ingredients which clearly wouldn’t be acceptable in natural hair styling products. However, it’s important that as well as being genuinely natural the products really perform too, otherwise there’s no point using them.

There are not many truly natural hair styling products on the market, but we’ve worked hard to test what is available and bring you only the products that really work.

Included in our testing panel were people used to using conventional hair styling products, so they didn’t make any allowances for the fact that these are natural products. Everything on this page has earned it’s place through being a truly natural hair styling product, that works!

None of the natural hair styling products we sell contains SLS, parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol or is animal tested so you can feel confident in choosing any of them.

Please email us for expert advice or call our advisors Free on 0800 169 2579 (or 020 8465 5600) if you need help choosing your natural hair styling products or would like to order by phone.