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Yes Organic Lubricant

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The Yes Yes Company products, and their natural lubricant, have a strong philosophy, based around fair trade, ethical business practice, being kind to people and animals, certified organic sourcing, guaranteed purity, and we could go on. In summary, The Yes Yes Company, and their founders Suzi Lennox and Sarah Brooks are based on all the best philosophies! This is why they won the Triodos Bank Women in Ethical Business Award in 2009, natural lubricant wins!

History and Origin:
In 2003, So Organic founder Samantha Burlton met Suzi Lennox at a trade show, and Suzi explained about her idea for a natural lubricant. Samantha thought it was a great idea, and when Suzi and and Sarah Brooks formed The Yes Yes Company in 2007, with a brand new natural lubricant range, we were delighted. Yes organic lubricants are concerned about the intimate nature of lubricants, and set out to produce natural lubricant without the nasty chemicals. Suzi and Sarah, coupled with their backgrounds in senior corporate roles, wanted to create a company that not only produced great and safe products, but were true to ethical beliefs, without compromising these ethics. Imagine how delighted we were when natural lubricant, The Yes Yes Company and Suzi and Sarah won the WEBA Awards in 2009!

Why We Chose Them:
The Yes Organic Lubricants are unique and ground breaking. Without having to give too much explanation, 60% of what you put onto your skin is absorbed, fact! Hence, with high street lubricants containing petrochemicals and parabens, I know which one’s we would rather use! Natural lubricant!!

Who Would Like Them?


Soil Association.

Personal / Press Recommendations:
"Having a hysterectomy at 41, I didn’t want to use a chemical based lubricant. The Yes products came up on the internet and I decided to try them. The results are orgasmic!!! Thank you so much." Anon.