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Simply Soaps

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Sustainable Business is what Simply Soaps is all about.  Care for the environment is at the very heart of what they do, they minimise their use of finite resources, and use 100% natural ingredients in the production of their skincare, which is made by hand using a cold process, low energy method of manufacture. Simply Soaps products are then blended cut and packed by hand, which means you get a very high quality product with a low environmental impact.

History and Origin:
Simply Soaps started life the 1990’s with the aid of a grant from The Prince’s Trust. Jim Jones and his brother Lawrence were both interested in natural living and wanted to start a business doing something completely natural too. Their workshop is based in a wild wood in Norfolk, where they blend the products by hand using natural herbs and pure essential oils.

Why We Chose Them:
Simply Soaps is a really authentic handmade brand, the quality of the ingredients they use really shines through and you only have to try a bar of their soap once to feel the gorgeous creamy lather and truly understand the difference between and handmade and a machine made bar.  They work very hard to make sure that their products are as sustainable as possible and have recently introduced biodegradable wrappers for many of their bars. But these guys are true environmentalists and will not waste supplies of packaging. So if your favourite bar is not in biodegradable wrap yet, it’s because there’s still some of the original packaging left.  Why not buy a couple extra to help them use up their supplies and transition all their soaps to bio wrap even sooner?

Who Would Like Them?
Anyone looking for affordable handmade soap and body care will love the simple formulations of this great value range.

Simply Soaps products do not have any independent organic certification and they use a combination of natural and organic ingredients. They are completely free from parabens, sls, mineral oil, synthetic colour or fragrance. Many of their products are certified vegan by the Vegan Society.

Personal / Press Recommendations:

Sam (our founder) says “We have stocked Simply Soaps products since SoOrganic.com launched in 2005, we loved them when we first saw them and we still do. The lip balms have a beautiful texture that melts into the skin like butter as you apply it, and the creamy lather produced by the soaps is heavenly.” January 2010