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Stage 2 Baby Food (7 months +)

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As you move into the 2nd stage of weaning, you'll be starting to introduce more interesting flavour combinations and textures. Don't lose heart if at first your baby appears to dislike something, in many cases the next time you offer it, that taste will go down a treat.


If you have a fussy baby it can be really stressful trying to find something that they like. In our experience the best advice is to stay calm and remember that everything changes so fast that in a couple of weeks this situation will have resolved itself and you'll have moved on to something else to worry about!


Lily, our organic baby loves the Vegetable Lasagne and Rice Pudding with Apple and Pear. We would love to say that she's a fan of the Cocoa and Vanilla Dessert too, but unfortunately she never gets to try it as her Mummy eats them all!