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  • Forsters Detachable Long Handle Massage Brush Forsters Detachable Long Handle Massage Brush Forsters Detachable Long Handle Massage Brush

Beech + Natural Bristle Detachable Handle Body Brush - SOFT - Non Vegan

by Forsters Natural Brushes

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Quick Overview

Long handle made from beech wood that is detachable to enable you to use the brush in the palm of your hand too.

Very versatile to enable you to access hard to reach places like your back.

Made from beech wood and natural hair bristles. (Non Vegan)

With cord loop to enable you to hang the massage brush when not in use.

Dry skin brushing is a highly effective way to visibly improve your skin tone and stimulate circulation, kick-starting your metabolism and helping your body detoxify. Body brushing removes dead cells from the surface of the skin which encourages new cell regeneration, leaving your skin looking smooth and radiant.

Regular dry skin brushing helps stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, encourage elimination of accumulated fluid, keep skin soft, smooth and younger-looking and allows lotion to absorb, giving greater results.


A Forsters Natural Products massage is more than just skin deep. It gets the circulation going and invigorates blood flow. It is an effective antidote to sore and tense muscles too. Regular massage tones your skin and the underlying connective tissue, opens the pores so that they can absorb oxygen which your skin needs for regeneration. It deep cleanses skin and removes dead skin cells.

Additional Information

Size approx 44cm
Vegan No
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100% Natural Bristles on a Beech Wood handle
Body brush on dry skin before you shower. Starting at your ankles, work your way up your legs using gentle sweeping movements. Then, start brushing the fingertips, working up the arms, to the shoulders and upper chest, brushing towards the lymph nodes in the armpits. Brush over your back and finish by brushing the abdomen in clockwise motions.

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