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Organic Face Oil & Facial Serum

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Face serums and face oils are everywhere these days, but a lot of people are not sure what they’re supposed to do with them!

It’s simple; you just apply your organic face serum or organic face oil over your toner and under your moisturiser for an intense hydration or moisturising boost.

Don't be afraid to try out organic face oil, it won't make your skin oily if you use a tiny drop as directed. Both organic face serum and organic face oil is designed to penetrate to the deep layers of your skin, so can be a good supplementary product.

Some people find that an organic face serum or organic face oil alone is enough, and they don’t need their moisturiser on top.

Old habits die hard, but don't forget that your skin changes. The changing seasons, hormones, times of stress can all take their toll. Also, when you use the right products, you can correct problems too, so oily skin that has been cared for properly might not be oily any more.

Adapt the products you use to suit how your skin is now; adding organic face serum or organic face oil to your routine is an excellent way to tailor it to your skin's varying needs.

If you’re not sure which of our organic serums to choose please ask our beauty advisors for advice about the perfect natural serum or facial oil for your skin type. Call free on 0800 169 2579 or 020 8465 5600 or Email us for expert skincare advice.

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