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Vanilla Extract 15% Organic Essential Oil

by Primavera
Size: 5ml
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Vegan made with organic ingredients
Among the Essential Oils that can create a cozy feeling and enhance well-being, Vanilla is one of the most appreciated scents.

Only a few drops of warm, intensive, balsamic Vanilla Oil are needed in a diffuser or for sensuous, exotic body and massage oils.

A Vanilla aroma bath can be a brightening, relaxing or even aphrodisiac experience.

Often used for nervousness, insomnia, stress, tension and depression.

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Primavera Organic Essential Oils are without question one of the best quality in the world. From company ethos, to production, sponsored projects through to natural essential oil, extraction and final product quality, Primavera leads the way with natural essential oil.

If you like mixing your own natural essential oil products, Primavera organic essential oil is great. Also if you want to place in candle or electric burners, these natural essential oils are great.

Not to be applied directly to skin unless stated in the instructions.

This Primavera products ingredients come from Madagascar, and the product is made in Germany.
Vanilla Extract Essential Oil - Certified Organic
Use in a diffuser, bath or in massage. Never use undiluted, use a maximum of 15 drops in 35ml of base oil or add two drop to a teaspoon of full fat milk, alcohol or base oil for a bath.

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