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  • Yaweco Biodegradable Dental Floss Yaweco Biodegradable Dental Floss Yaweco Biodegradable Dental Floss

Yaweco Biodegradable Dental Floss

by Yaweco
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Quick Overview

Made from pure silk and beeswax. Clean between your teeth naturally.

The dental floss is very soft, with the beeswax it glides very well. So it is suitable even for tight interdental spaces.

Both floss and dispenser are biodegradable.


In early 2016 Monte Bianco dental floss was discontinued in the the UK. This product is by alternative brand Yaweco. It is still biodegradable and made from silk and beeswax, but now has 40 metres on the roll and is in more robust packaging.

Additional Information

Size 40 metres
Hero Ingredients Silk, Beeswax
Vegan No
  1. Fabulous review by L J on 01/09/2013

    This floss cleans much better than synthetic floss and doesn't aggravate the gum as it is much softer. Simply the best floss ever

  2. Excellent value review by Sylje on 23/07/2012

    This is a great product - much kinder to your gums than normal floss. I use it after nearly every meal. It lasts a very long time too.

  3. Works better than my previous floss! review by EliJay on 27/10/2010

    I've just started using this floss. I think it works much better than my previous floss. It's slightly thicker, so not so cutting, but also still thinner than tape floss, which I find too thick and stretchy.

    After using this floss, I swear my teeth feel cleaner for longer. It really gets rid of the flurry feeling for ages.

    Highly reccommended.

  4. Hate dental floss? Try this one! review by Leonie on 15/10/2010

    We all know flossing is essential for healthy teeth and gums, but I've always found dental floss so uncomfortable to use, until I tried this one. It's very gentle on your gums, and does the job perfectly without hurting your mouth. It tastes good too!

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Silk, Beeswax,

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