In the organic industry we come across a lot of people who either don't yet know the benefits (health, ecological and social) of going organic or don't believe it (despite the scientific facts).

This is why certification bodies like the Soil Association in the UK, BDIH in Germany, ECOCert in France and Demeter in the US are so important. They are a disciplinary authority as well as organic advocate. They offer consumers security and peace of mind, proof with hard scientific evidence as well as promoting general investigative debate on issues closest to the cause.

So when a fraudulent organic certification organisation pops up it's time to get to know our stamps of approval from our stamps of drivel. The ‘Organic Standards' is one such drivelling company. The web-based organic certification agency claims it can certify organic textiles and has done so for a number of major brands like Timberlands, H&M, Nike and Escada - all of which have denied any association with the company. Ecotextile News also reported that the company are using an amended and possibly illegal version of the Organic Exchange logo (Organic Exchange are a well-respected organisation offering resources to the organic cotton and sustainable textile industry).

So the lesson here for us organic-ites is to get to know our stamps of certification.
For a brief description on the certification bodies we trust and know to be legitimate have a look at our ‘stamps of approval' blog and get clued up on your organic bodies!