We all love to indulge in our favourite organic skin care products - Dr.Hauschka, Spiezia, Trilogy, Essential Care - there are so many gorgeous and skin loving potions to pamper us these days. But sometimes you find yourself in the horrific (well not quite but it can feel like it at the time!) circumstance of running out of cleanser or hair conditioner. Ordering online is an option but you still won't get it until tomorrow at the earliest. What's to do but to put on your resourceful hat and look at what you've got to hand. And the best place to go first is the kitchen cupboard.

Cocoa (organic, fairtrade is in all our baking cupboards of course!) is an excellent colour reviver for dark hair. Mix equal measures of cocoa, honey and olive oil for nourishing hair treatment (for darker hair types only remember!).

Lemons are ideal for correcting self-tanning blunders. Simply rub the cut side of a half lemon on to the skin and rinse off. For those with light hair, squeeze a little on your head for a quick rinse. If you're feet are in dire need of a little pick me up mix a little lemon juice with brown sugar and rub into toes and heels to clean and remove dead skin cells.

Epsom salt and brown sugar are excellent body exfoliators. Epsom salt tightens and purifies the skin by drawing out toxins from your body. Add to a warm bath for an relaxing body treatment. Brown sugar has an anti-inflammatory action so is safe for those with acne or eczema. Simply rub into your skin and wash off.

Yeast is high in vitamin B6. When mixed with a little water (so that it becomes pasty) and applied to the face, it nourishes and purifies the skin.

The old (and contemporary) favourite extra virgin organic olive oil is one of the best and easiest treatments for skin. You can use it as a make up remover, body moisturiser, a base for a scrub (add brown sugar) and cellulite treatment (add caffeine or chestnut extract) as it is both an excellent moisturiser and cleanser.

If that sounds a little too much trouble, perhaps give Sensuous Sugar Scrub by Green People or Pure Olive Oil Soap by Essential Care a try?