This year at the London International Documentary Festival Ecover's Working With Water short film was screened. It follows two Ecover employees to the Ethiopian communities where Ecover, with the help of the charity Water Aid, is helping to provide safe water and sanitation for hundreds of people.

Working With Water shows how villages in the Hintalo-Wajarat region benefiting from the project Ecover has funded with the help of course of us buying their fantastic eco-friendly cleaning products. The project empowers local people by giving them the tools they need to provide safe water facilities. So far, 2 springs have been capped, 4 hand-dug wells and 16 traditional latrines have been build. Children especially benefit as they are often the ones given the job of collecting the water. For some having clean water closer to home means they can now go to school.

But there is still a lot of work to be done. As you will see from the film, there are still many children suffering from poor health because of the water they have access to - unsafe water that they walk six hours to fill containers twice the size of the containers on our Ecover refill station.

Because Ecover realise water is such a precious commodity they have created products that use water more efficiently. Their toilet cleaner requires 400 times less water to neutralise after use than any other product.

Here, Natalie Imbruglia explains how using water and 'clean' household products will benefit you and those in need of good water all over the world.