So Organic's founder Sam visited our local Women's Institute (WI) last month to talk about the benefits of switching to an organic lifestyle. We were delighted to find out that the WI has started creating eco teams across the country. But an activity that appears slightly more radical involves some members of WI hopping aboard Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior II to deliver a message via the waterways, to the controversial Kingsnorth power station in Kent where most of the coal for a new power station will arrive. There aim: to ask the Government to offer cleaner, renewable energy options. The message will be clear - no more coal-fired power stations.

"It's about showing that groups not specifically set up to tackle climate change are determined to protect the environment. There's a huge coalition building against coal plants. Faith groups, development groups, politicians of all shades, scientists and thousands of ordinary people are standing up and saying no to new coal." Joss Garman, a Greenpeace spokesperson on the Rainbow Warrior, told the Independent last weekend.

Have a peek at the short film's (titled A World Without Jam) the WI have released and you'll see this 93 year old organisation is on to a good thing. Their aim is to Stop Climate Chaos by building a massive coalition to create a strong public mandate for political action to stop human-induced climate change. With over 200,000 members already they're off to a good start.

If you'd like to join your local Women's Institute visit their website.