The phrase, “A voice crying in the wilderness” made us think of a message that needs to be heard. One of the most remote wildernesses on earth is the Arctic Circle home to the polar bear.

Man’s consumption of ever increasing amounts of fossil fuels mean that we are now making the polar bear share his home with us as we move in to mine oil and coal.

Polar bears now have a smaller area in which to hunt which means food is harder to find and oil spills and manmade pollution cause danger to polar bears by poisoning their food source and coating their fur so that they can’t keep warm.

We think that if polar bears could talk to us they would ask us to stop spoiling their home and hurting them with our selfish ways.

We believe that we listen to the voice of nature, minimise our impact on the earth and conserve its precious resources and habitats by being green wherever we can. To help convey that message we have made our polar bear from entirely recycled materials that would otherwise have been thrown away.