As part of a new government initiative led by Mark Prisk MP, Business Minister, top officials are spending time in the UK’s top small businesses to see what it is like for them in today’s economy. It was Day One today, and David got involved whole heartedly, by packing boxes, sorting files and general office duties, full marks for getting throughly stuck in, even with important calls to handle! We also talked at length about what it is like running a small business in the UK, all the issues and advantages, especially interesting with So Organic. David took it all in, and was taken by how hard we all worked. David said So Organic was a fascinating company to work in, and fast paced, and David was not phased, even when he had to serve coffee to the Baby Massage Club members, mums and babies, in the So Organic meeting rooms! 20 mums and babies all needing attention at the same time, enough pressure for any person, let alone a top government official!