As a long time sufferer I know that often pills are not the answer to Migraine pain nor do I want to be regularly taking pain killers for something that though horrible painful and inconvenient is not life threatening. The causes of migraines vary from person to person and suffers can learn their triggers and avoid them up to a point. However there are those caused by hormonal changes, stress and tiredness which are much more difficult to avoid in everyday life. Working at So Organic means that I have been able to talk to a lot of our holistic therapists who practice in our Therapy Rooms to get their advice.


Matthew Reay our Nutritionist advised me to cut down on carbohydrates and to eat lots of magnesium rich foods such a spinach and nuts, I now try to eat a portion of unsalted nuts per day and eat spinach as much as possible while avoiding eating carbs with my evening meal, instead having lots of vegetable alternatives such as mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes. I’ve really noticed a difference in the regularity of my migraines after making these dietary changes.


Our old Massage therapist Kristy taught me some gentle moves to also help such as using both hands and very gently kneading the top of the head, working down the neck and across the shoulders and back up again, this is very soothing and helps distract from the pain. We have a new Massage Therapist now since Kristy emigrated so I will be asking Mike what his tips are.


Lyndsay Brown our Body Talk therapists helped me understand that my body was trying to tell me something when a Migraine occurred and that often it was because I wasn’t drinking enough water throughout the day, therefore I’ve increased my water intake as well. As all Migraine suffers know there isn’t a magically solution to stop Migraines but using the both I have at least managed to decrease the amount I suffer from without increasing my amount of medicine!