Many people ask us what makes So Organic different from other online companies?
Well let’s cut through all the hype and tell you the facts, we are green and organic to the core!

1. So Organic were the first online retailer to be certified organic by the Soil Association in 2005. We led the way for all other natural and organic companies to follow.

2. The online store is carbon neutral. We plant trees to offset the energy used.

3. Our delivery service is carbon neutral, and has been since 2007. So for every delivery made, trees are planted (we like our trees), which is incredibly important for any online company sending out parcels. Oh, and this does include international parcels…even more trees!

4. We work very closely with Parcelforce, our parcel courier. Did you know that Parcelforce is one of the only couriers to have over 50% of their fleet using biodiesel, which has much lower CO2 emissions? And the electricity in their depots is from 100% renewable sources.

5. Our packaging is renewable, and our packing chips are made from maize, and can be put onto your compost heap.

So from the products we sell, to the stores we run, the electricity we use to the package getting to a customers door, from the packaging to the very people at So Organic, we are GREEN AND ORGANIC TO THE CORE!