It's really reassuring to know that other people have used a product and would recommend it, especially when you're trying something for the first time. That’s why our philosophy when choosing products to stock at So Organic that we’ll only recommend products that we would recommend to our friends. share your views about the products you use

However, we know you’d love to hear what real customers think of these products too, so one of the best features of the new-look So Organic website is that you can review products and tell others what you think. Why not review the products you use and help spread the word about how great these organic products are?

Simply click into your favourite product, select reviews and then click “be the first to review this product” or “add your review”

If you have an account, make sure you log in before you review, as each month we'll be randomly selecting a reviewer to win a gorgeous organic beauty prize, and if you don't log in we won’t be able to contact you! Happy reviewing!