We are told fluoride is added to water supply in parts of England because it helps prevent tooth decay. The long-term medical consequences are unknown and studies have shown links between fluoride and the increase of bone fractures and cancers. Chemical oxides like chlorine are added to our public water supply in the UK for the purpose of disinfecting it. The US Council of Environmental Quality believe there is a 93% higher risk of cancer amongst people drinking chlorinated water than those who drink un-chlorinated water.

Traces of Cryptosporidium, a naturally occurring bacteria which can cause gastroenteritis in people, was found in the water supply of over 100,000 properties in Northamptonshire recently. And then, there's the report earlier in the year by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), that traces of pharmaceuticals like cancer therapy drugs have been found in some UK tap water.

Whilst not all tap water everywhere is filled with additives and unintentional substances, it is unlikely any of us are sipping H2O piped straight from the sacred spring of the Water God. Reports like these are enough to sway people to purchase home filtering systems or sadly reach for another bottle of plastic encased Evian.

Our advice - invest in a filter. The cost in the long run will be worth it. It doesn't have to be expensive either. You can get subscriptions where you pay a flat rate each month (we pay £17.99/month for ours) with service and parts replacement included.

Best of all you can rest assured you're drinking cleaner water, without contributing to the plastic waste of our landfills.