A 2007 market assessment by Key Note on Women Over 45 revealed that 89% of female consumers aged over 45 in the UK believed that their appearance is as important to them as it was ten years ago. The report surmised that regardless of their age, British women ‘want to hold on to some sense of pride in the appearance.'

No surprised there given our youth driven media representations and perfection-encrypted culture. But at what cost?

The age defying beauty product is not new to the high street beauty counter. They've been improving their formulas over the years and some of them do work. It's unfortunate, however, that so many of the anti wrinkle potions are still filled with chemical ingredients (like parabens, SLS and synthetic fragrances) can potentially be more harmful for your health than those crow necks or baggy eyes ever will be.

The organic and natural beauty industry is increasingly catering for the aging baby boomers market. Some brands like Lavere have created whole ranges for the 45 and over, mature age group. Others like the Trilogy and the Barefoot Botanicals range base every product on the anti-aging and skin healing properties of ingredients like rose hip.

Aging the natural way will result in a far more healthy and beautiful you, inside and out.