How many of us make our own bread? Not a lot I'm guessing. Well, there are a few campaigns at the moment encouraging bread lovers to give it a try and risk the prospect of never turning back to the mass manufactured, additive loaded variety again.

Sustain and Resurgence are two organisations asking us to buckle up our bread heads and make our own. Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming, are starting The Real Bread Campaign to encourage people to use ‘natural ingredients, appropriate fermentation and no adulterants.'

Resurgence, a magazine committed to raising awareness of ecological and spiritual issues, are making bread baking the centre of their first Slow Sunday to empower people to take symbolic actions for greater change.

Visit their web pages to discover how and why making your own bread is cheaper, healthier and more environmentally friendly. And for those who think it's a lot easier to run to the shop for a ready-made loaf obviously haven't tried our organic yeast free quick cook recipe - 35 minutes including baking time!

It's such a treat to have the result of your own labours wafting through the house. So hop on the bread bandwagon and act locally, think globally and make your own!