Dryness is by far the most common issue facing our skin. The cooler months can dry out the skin significantly, particularly on very windy or dry icy days. And then there's the central heating in nearly every building we enter sucking the natural moisture and oils from our skin.Here are a couple of tips to avoid the chapped, flaky look this autumn:

Drink more water. Hydrating with H2O is simple but effective. Moistening your insides also helps your skin to eliminate toxins to the outside.

Another tip is to shower less. When we clean with soaps, particularly the harsher varieties laden with harsher cleaning agents we strip our skin of its thin oily lipid layer that protects and naturally moisturiser it. A shower more than once a day in summer is understandable, particularly on the days we perspire heavily but in the cooler months there's less of a need to clean more than once.

Also if we follow our showers with a moisturiser that serves only to temporarily soften the skin, it won't offer much of a long term, hydrating benefit. Soap can be drying for the skin. Shower gels that contain gentle foaming agents that avoid SLS are much kinder to the skin. It's good to use shower gels that retain the skin's natural oils and use moisturisers containing natural ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals to heal, restore and nourish the deeper layers of the skin.