Fancy going back to school with a fresh project to get your green thumbs stuck into? Here's some practical ways to confront climate change and motivate everyone from the school gardener to the school canteen, parents, teachers and of course the shorter citizens of the world - the kids - to take action.

Organize a green team to decide which issues you want to tackle (i.e. recycling, energy use, transport), the goals you want to achieve and the steps you need to take to set and maintain your schools eco objectives.

Reduce waste by reusing scrap paper, using both sides of the paper, printing only when necessary and emailing parents/suppliers rather than sending letters.

Buy recycled and eco friendly school supplies. Get creative and make recycling fun by painting signs and bins in bright colours - a basketball hoop for the plastic bottle bin perhaps?

'Turn it off' reminder signs on electrical equipment and water taps, for overnight and lunch times.

Walk or cycle to school to reduce pollution, fight child obesity and stimulate the body and brain with a boost of oxygen first thing in the morning.

For more great ideas and resources to integrate more sustainable, eco friendly customs in the school curriculum visit Friends of the Earth, Walk to School and Global Action Plan.