According to the Nicolas Stern Report for the UK Government on the Economics of Climate Change, deforestation accounts for a fifth of CO2 emissions globally. That's more than all vehicles - yes, that's ALL vehicles running today - which is phenomenal when you think about those smoky exhaust fumes you swallow every time you cross the road.

So we've got to save them right? For anyone not making a profit from cutting trees down, the answer is naturally yes. But some people, in places like the Republic of Congo, there is little option but to exploit their land's timber and other land resources (like oil and natural gas) in order to support themselves. These people want to help the planet as much as you and I but external influences and enticements from large international corporations can be difficult to turn down when you've got a family of ten to feed and the benefits outweigh anything else on offer.

This is why it's so important we work together as a global community to protect our forests. It's important that those people dependant on selling their lands resources are subsidised or given extra support in return for preserving their native forestlands.

Organisations like the World Land Trust, The Rainforest Foundation and The Woodland Trust are doing a lot in this area. They each offer unique and fun ways to help support the forest guardians of the world. Get involved so that we can all work together on protecting our home planet.