Autumn is on its way; time to snuggle up and get cosy, and what better way than with a gorgeous new set of silk bedding?Silk Duvets and Bamboo Bedding with FREE Shipping at So Organic

Silk Duvet Review: "I have slept under a long fibre mulberry silk filled duvet for the last 6-7 years. It is feather light and drapes beautifully keeping me wrapped in comfort all night long. It is warm in winter, cool in summer and is very breathable allowing me and my husband to both feel comfortable. Even though with regular duvets we prefer different weights, we both love our 9 tog silk filled duvet and use it all year round. When staying away from home no other duvet ever comes close, even when staying at good hotels we always can’t wait to get home to the comfort of our silk filled duvet! Unfortunately the company we used to get our Silk Duvets from is no longer around. I am so happy to have found Natalie and Snow Blossom to be able to once again offer our customers the joy and comfort of sleeping under silk. The quality of the Snow Blossom products is the best I’ve ever seen."
Sam (So Organic Founder)

Bamboo Bedding Review:
(Submitted to the letters page of The Lady magazine by a happy owner of Snow Blossom bamboo bedding.)

Balmy Bamboo:
"Having picked up so much useful information from The lady over the years I would like to share a fairly recent experience with bamboo fibre which may be of help to other ‘hot headed and unable to sleep’ individuals when a heat wave descends.

 I had never heard of bedding containing bamboo before coming across a luxurious bedding stall at one of the country shows. Just touching a sample pillowcase made of this fibre was very intriguing. It seemed to take away all heat from my hand. Sleeping all night in a heat wave does not diminish this curious phenomenon and both hubby and I awake not at all grumpy!

Panda lovers need not worry, as it is not the same genus of bamboo that the dear creatures like to eat – it is harvested especially for fibre production. I did ask that question as there has been so much fuss and worry about panda feeding habitats.

The company is called Snow Blossom and as far as I know their products are not available in stores."

Happily Snow Blossom bamboo bedding and silk filled duvets and pillows are now available here at So Organic. If you need some advice in choosing, please call our product specialists on 020 8465 5600, they'd love to help.