Biodynamic farming was founded on the spiritual and practical principles of philosopher-scientist Rudolf Steiner. The Austrian devoted himself to non-physical, spiritual studies in an attempt to discover more natural, balanced ways for all living things to interact and thrive.

Biodynamic farming builds on the values and processes of organic farming. Like it's organic sister, biodynamic is all about chemical-free, earth friendly agriculture. A biodynamic farm does however place more emphasis on being self-sufficient. For example, a biodynamic farm would utilize its own compost and natural manure, as well as generate its own animal feed so that all inputs beyond the farm fence are as low as possible. To increase nutrient and mineral in the soil, compost added to it is treated with herb and quartz based preparations.

It is when enthusiasts start talking about lunar cycles and the astronomical calendar that many switch off to this method. But you do, think how the moon already plays such a huge role in our lives. From the twelve-month calendar to the female menstrual cycle, our lives are played out, in many respects by relating to the skies.

Since so many people are disconnected from their food these days (it's a long road from seed to mouth) restoring the nutritional and biological integrity of our food systems by following cycles of our natural environment makes sense. Using a sowing calendar and moon chart to assess the optimum times to sow and harvest provides a practical framework for a more diverse ecosystem and sustainable agricultural system.

A number of natural products are certified biodynamic by the Biodynamic Agricultural Association who owns and administers the Demeter Certified Trademark.