I've just read something that makes me really angry, (maybe being a new mum has made me a little more sensitive to issues affecting babies), but I was appalled to discover in this morning’s email from The Ecologist, that the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) have decided NOT to ban Bisphenol A (BPA) in babies' bottles.

Despite there being numerous pieces of research which show that there are potentially adverse effects on the nervous system, immune system and links to breast cancer and other reports linking BPA to heart disease and reproductive disorders, the EFSA have stated that there is still insufficient evidence to justify a ban.

Well I personally wouldn't be willing to just wait and see whether any future studies can give conclusive proof of a link before protecting my daughter from this ingredient. My position would always be that if there's a potential risk with BPA and bottles that don't use it work perfectly well then why would you continue to use ones that contain it?

Happily most bottles I've seen don't use BPA and make a clear statement on the label that they're BPA free so it's easy enough to avoid buying the wrong type of bottle if you're aware of the issue. If the EFSA are not going to ban it then we have to protect ourselves, so tell your friends!