We now have one hero in either sphere - Angelina: UN ambassador, human activist saving the poor and war torn; Brad: eco friendly, saving the planet. Perfect... seemingly a little like the couple. It's a lot easier to pursue eco dreams when your partner is on a similar spin. No making fun, this is serious stuff.

And here's why...

I spotted the cover of Architectural Digest recently. I don't usually read the magazine but it had a picture of Brad Pitt on it, and what triggered me to take a second look was the interesting structure behind him. The building, it turns out is an eco home. One of many in a project that Pitt has helped to design to rebuild New Orleans after the destruction Hurricane Katrina caused. He founded Make It Right NOLA to build 150 sustainable and eco-friendly homes in the climate-ragged city. The homes have solar panels to cut back electricity bills by 75%. All meet platinum LEED certification, which is the highest rating in the US a structure can get. Six families moved in at the end of last year, two homes are under construction and fourteen more homes will be underway come the New Year.

Pitt's been passionate about architecture for... well all the years I've been reading Harpers Bazaar. This has evolved into an especially keen interest in green design. He has also worked with Global Green, sponsoring an architectural competition where innovative ideas on how to build sustainably were at the heart of the quest.

We just need to sway him off those private jet outings now!