The ladies in the Greenwich store waited with bated breath last week as the post man dropped off a delivery from one of our new mineral make up ranges Inika. And weren't they a sight for mascara barren lashed eyes. Beautifully designed powder pots and vegan loving brushes, bright flamboyant eye shadows and alluring sun inspired bronzes. The stand and products didn't let them down. But that's not even the best bit.

Inika cosmetics are made from crushed minerals found in the barren lands of the Australian earth. Mineral make up is often recommended for people after cosmetic surgery, chemical peels or laser re-surfacing as they have none of the harsh chemicals that conventional cosmetics have, thereby gentler on the skin. They are also high in zinc that contains properties that calm and soothe.

You'll find no sign of parabens, talc, fragrance, bismuth oxychloride or other harsh chemicals in this mineral make up range and Inika do not dilute the mineral pigments, which is why the colours are so rich and you don't need to use much to get good coverage.

Inika cosmetics founders, Miranda Bond and Jenni Williams, created the range after discovering what was really hidden in their make up bags - a whole lot of chemicals that slowly toxify our bodies. At the time they started investigating alternatives there were no all Australian natural make up products and those they found abroad were either performance or colour poor.

Miranda explains, "People who want natural cosmetics still want them to be sexy and fun. With Inika you can achieve the natural look many women want but you can also really go to town with flamboyant colours and versatile products. That's how and why we came up with "Naturally Decadent" sort of an oxymoron but it just explains Inika."

All Inika cosmetics are 100% certified Vegan and animal cruelty free. The ladies have ensured their cosmetics are carbon neutral so that even importing them to the UK we know we are balancing our CO2 emissions. Also box packaging, brochures and other paper stock used are made from recycled materials or sustainable forestry.

The best bit is the performance - they are brilliant, you can achieve very good coverage that feels weightless, with non of the clogging and cakey feeling you would get from similar coverage with a conventional make up.