Weleda is one of the most well-known and highly popular organic brands in the world. The company has been around since the 1920's, founded by Ita Wegman (a Dutch medical doctor) and the Rudolf Steiner (the renowned philospher).

In 1924, a group of farmers concerned about the future of agriculture asked for Steiner's help to create an ecological and sustainable farming system. He responded by giving a series of lectures by which the central concept involved ‘individualizing' the farm so that all materials required to run the farm were produced within the ‘farm organism'.

Biodynamic farming was inspired, in many respects by Steiner's ideas. Planting according to the moon cycle is one of these ideas. We think Marie Claire magazine summed the backbone to Weleda last year when they said ‘Weleda was biodynamic and organic before it was trendy.'

Weleda grow over 300 plant species in Derbyshire where they have a 15 acre organic herb farm. They are certified by Demeter - the international biodynamic accreditation body. So you can rest assured that nothing they produce will contain chemical pesticides, fertilizers or GM ingredients.

Weleda make a huge range of anthroposophic & homeopathic medicines and natural bodycare products including skin, bath, detox, hair, mens and baby care products.