With the bulbs shooting up in the garden and a few days of sunshine there is definitely the sense that spring is on the way. It’s the perfect time to think about updating your makeup, to a fresher faced spring look and the new make up just in from Lavera has a number of new products that make it simple.

Airy-light - very delicate colour for the cheeks >>

The new Lavera Natural Mousse Blush is absolutely gorgeous.  It's feather light texture means that you can apply just a hint of colour exactly where you need it and it's perfect to keep in your handbag for top ups on the go. The classic nude shade is sure to be a best seller as it would suit anyone.

Brilliant colour and care in one >>

To make a amends for discontinuing some of our favourite an best selling shades (why do they always do that!) there are 6 new organic lipstick shades  including a couple of super wearable nude shades that are perfect for everyday wear.  

Our favourites are Casual Nude and Tender Taupe, as well as the questionably named; Modern Camel. We thought that might have been a typo and the shade was modern caramel, but no, Modern Camel is the name they actually chose! If you can get past the name, the shade is a really lovely brown.

Highly pigmented eye shadow solos  >>

Eye shadow solos have been updated with 3 new shades, and for the first time a cream eye shadow has been introduced to the range in Gleaming Gold and Soul Plum.  The Airy-light texture makes application a cinch. The eye cream melts effortlessly onto the skin yet provides intense colour for the eyes.

And the pièce de résistance must be the new Lavera Front Row Curl Mascara. With a specially designed wand and flexible vegan formula that allows you to gentle curl your lashes to dramatic effect without the need to use a separate eyelash curler. We predict that this is going to be a new best seller.

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If the products themselves aren’t temptation enough, try them out this weekend and we’ll send you free mini product plus extra samples with your order when you spend £20+ on makeup.

It will be a lucky dip, we have free mini products for face and body from Dr Hauschka, Lavera and Madara and they will be allocated randomly.

Go on treat yourself, you deserve it!