The very best of British food is to be celebrated this September 20- October 5 at the seventh annual British Food Fortnight. It's all about encouraging people to choose local British produce over the imported stuff and educating children about good, wholesome food.There are all sorts of activities, promotions and tastings happening across the country to get us into some tasty action. You could visit a farm on Apple Day to learn how to grow and prune your own fruit tree. You could go on a guided walk to witness the abundant harvest of woodlands and orchards, take a tour of Cotswold Spring Brewery, attend a wine a cheese evening or perhaps visit one of the many mini food festivals across the country which are scheduled to feature a celebrity chef or two and countless scrumptious delights.

Shops, pubs and restaurants across the UK are invited to get involved with special ‘British only' menus and schools are encouraged to bring chefs into the classroom for cooking lessons or enter the ‘Cook for Life' challenge to win cooking equipment.

Check out the British Food Fortnight's events page for more details on what's on.