Less is more if you want the natural green goddess look that is for sure. But if you've woken with a slightly off feeling in your mind, stomach or spirit the natural in you might be looking a little grey in the face.

Blushers are the perfect way to brighten up dull skin. They highlight your bone structure as well as strengthen the other features of your face. It's also one of the simplest ways to take your day make up to night without starting completely afresh. Choose a blusher that contains shimmer rather than glitter as they look more natural. Lavera, NVEY, Inika and Dr. Hauschka all do good blushers to lift those cheekbones.

A good bronzer can also be a great help for dreary skin. Shimmers will enhance a tan in summer and matte looks more natural in winter. You should apply in even strokes and only in the spots where you get sunkissed like the cheeks, chin and nose. Pressed varieties are probably the easiest to apply. NVEY's Compact Bronzer is talc-free, organic and is formulated with Vitamins A,C & E, corn silk and jojoba oil to give an instant, healthy lift to the complexion.

Inika's Illuminisor is a nice highlighter for the cheeks and brow bone and will give the skin somewhat of an light glow. It has a subtle pink sheen so will also perk up that grey skin and make you feel a little more angel than ghost.

Using a good natural brush like a kabuki brush (Inika have a great vegan one) to apply will ensure blusher and bronzer are applied evenly.

It really doesn't take much to achieve perkier cheeks and a livelier complexion.