Campaigns that capture our attention in an interesting and unique way are more likely to encourage us to participate in their cause. A recent campaign by ActionAid tackles poverty by using the consumers' voice to target the big buying supermarkets like Tescos, asking them to address the issue of spiralling global food prices. According to ActionAid fruit pickers in South Africa barely earn enough to pay for their own food with 80% of their income being spent on feeding themselves and their families. In comparison, the average UK person spends 20% of their income on food.

caught our attention by a card they sent us. One side was a letter to the Chief Executive of Tescos urging him to pay just 5p more per kilo of Granny Smith apples. The other side of the card has a sticky circle for us to place our own 5p. The letter also points out that the supermarket itself only recently announced their half year profits came in at £1.45 billion.

Quite a unique way to capture ours and the big corporates attention - simple and factual information with an easy, tangible contribution on our behalf.

"ActionAid tackles the effects of poverty... also change what keeps people poor." This not for profit has been working for over three decades with over 2,000 civil society partners across the globe to give aid and work with communities to help them fight poverty. They also work on improving women's rights, conflict and debt torn countries, educating the poor on issues like HIV and AIDS.