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The Natural Birth Choice

1 Jun 2009 16:00:43

As options become more available for those women wishing to have a natural childbirth more women are choosing nature's way. And why not? For millennia women have been capable of giving birth without the use of machines, epidurals or other interventions.

It is possible to give birth without suffering, risk or fear with the right support. Ina May Gaskin is a well-known midwife who set up a commune in the 60's for women who wanted to birth their babies the natural way. Her two books Spiritual Midwifery and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth gives expecting mums a powerful resource based on scientific evidence on the benefits of a natural labour. Ina also developed the Gaskin Maneuver uses simple body movements to facilitate a difficult birth.

Grantly Dick-Read, a British obstetrician who wrote the classic Childbirth Without Fear is another advocate of the natural birth. He argued that labour pain came from society conditioning women to expect it and believed that women who are given methods and techniques to release tension and let go of their fear can experience a normal, all-natural birth.

The Natural Pregnancy Project is a great educational and support resource for mum's to be who want to know more about going down the natural birth route.

If you're looking for a gift for a woman who's about to pop (the natural way) the
Labour and Birth Box by Natalia is a gorgeous organic present to show you with her. It contains an organic cotton flannel, Labour Massage Oil, Labour Bath Ease and Labour Instant Energiser. The energiser is a pulse pointer containing essential oils peppermint, rosemary and frankincense to rub onto wrists and inhalation to uplift during a long labour.
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Perchlorate, an ingredients used to make rocket fuel, has been found in 15 brands of powdered baby formula in the US according to a recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The rocket fuel ingredient can interfere with brain development, particularly in the younger years but can also cause health problems later in life.

Apparently the contaminated formulas are at safe levels (is there really such a thing?) but it is when the formula is mixed with tap water that contains even small amounts of perchlorate the combination can raise the toxic level into unsafe territory. Perchlorate has been found in 28 states and territories in the US said the EWG (Environmental Working Group) who are running a campaign to reduce the level of toxins in drinking water.

The EWG is a non-profit, impartial research organization that promotes healthy and sustainable policies. It has called for parents and caregivers everywhere to help with their campaign by asking them to demand the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to remove perchlorate from tap water and check directly with formula companies on contamination in their product.

Although we haven't heard of similar problems here in the UK if you are at all concerned about the quality of your drinking water try out a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter from Freshly Squeezed Water. It's much cheaper and better for the environment than bottled water and you'll have a constant supply on tap.
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Dry Scalp Baby

1 Feb 2009 10:00:08

It's not uncommon for babies and small children to suffer from a dry and itchy scalp. With younger children who are starting out in the washing-their-own-hair-department they may not be rinsing out shampoos thoroughly enough, their body could be reacting from stress at school or they could be suffering from eczema or dandruff.

To keep your child's scalp healthy it's best to use all natural hair products, particularly organic shampoo made with certified organic ingredients. These have less chemicals and synthetic elements in them than conventional products (even the mild varieties) that can irritate the more sensitive skin of children. The main irritating ingredient in mainstream shampoo is SLS for babies.

A couple of good natural and organic products for children with a dry scalp are Earth Friendly Kids Zingy Citrus shampoo and body wash, shampoo and conditioners from Green People's children's range and Lavera's Basis shampoo's and conditioners for sensitive scalps.

Calendula oil is also very calming and can be massaged into the scalp for a soothing reprieve from any itchy frustrations. The soothing salve or repair lotion, both by Essential Care, are also good.

Remember to patch test all products on your baby or child's skin before use in case they have unknown allergies to any of the ingredients, even the natural ones.
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Giggles, Gifts and Greens

15 Nov 2008 18:31:28

Kids love to wiggle... they love to giggle... they love to create and they love to get their hands dirty. What better way to get them involved and learning about the world around them than to encourage them in the garden.As we head into winter it's a great time to spark their interest, starting them out in the small league - indoors - growing seedlings in pots or sprouting bean seeds in jam jars. Growing bulbs like gladiolus and lilies are terrific in the cooler months' as they need to be kept in a dark, cool place before planting.

Beans and Herbs has a huge selection of organic seeds. You can also buy ready-made gardens kits tailored to kids with simple directions and seedlings included. Rocket Gardens do a children's garden version.

Helping kids to create Christmas plant gifts can be lots of fun too. Decorating old jam jars and making handmade labels with recycled cards from last year are great to light up those sprouting seedlings. Mini cacti and venus flytraps are plants younger kids are always fascinated by, making the joy of giving and receiving even greater.

So for all those children's friends' birthdays coming up why not give the gift of nature and help spread a few green giggles amongst the small folk.

Nursery Food Exposed

8 Nov 2008 14:18:40

There's been a lot of coverage in the media of late about a new report produced by cereal brand Organix and the Soil Association, exposing the state of food in nursery school across the UK. The report found that foods typically served at nurseries were unhealthy and highly processed. Of the parents surveyed, 21% described the food at their nursery as poor or mediocre.

According to the report some schools spend as little as 25p a day on food per child. Two other staggering facts revealed were that certain foods like crisps and sweets that are banned in primary and secondary schools are permitted in nurseries. Also, colours and additives that are not allowed in foods for young children are currently allowed to be used in the food served in nurseries.

The report has sparked the creation of a petition asking the Government to place higher nutritional standards on all nurseries. If you'd like to sign this petition and/or find out more information on the campaign visit
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