Did you know our skin is always changing?

We are constantly producing new skin cells. Studies have found that we produce more skin cells in the middle of the night and fewer at midday. If you want your age defying and moisture-boosting products to have maximum impact apply between late afternoon and early morning, as this is when your skin is most likely to absorb what is put on to it.

A number of contributing factors determine the speed to which this skin transformation takes place including stress, sleep, application of beauty products and, if you're a woman, the stages in your menstrual cycle.

The week leading up to your period increased water retention leads to puffier and less elastic skin. Pimples and skin disorders are more likely to pop up as the oil secreted from pores takes a rollercoaster incline and then dramatic decline. Whilst menstruating less blood circulates in the outer layers of the skin and it retains less moisture resulting in a paler appearance and increased skin sensitivity. During ovulation the skin is at its optimum colour due to improved skin micro-circulation. This makes perfect biological sense as this is when our bodies want to attract the opposite sex to make babies.

Exercise, a healthy diet, plentiful sleep and regular exfoliation to remove dead skin cells will improve the look and feel of your skin. Ultimately however there are some influences that we must accept will forever be changing the way we look.