Rare is the website that offers a one-stop-shop of gifts that change the world. Changing The Present is the best, and only, one we know of. The not-for-profit website that offers 1500 charitable gifts.

The website breaks these down into categories which makes it far easier and quicker if you are say shopping for your dad who happens to have a soft spot for the vision impaired and is a budding environmentalist. From disaster relief to landmine victims, global warming to animal welfare, poverty alleviation to cancer treatment technology - there's a charity to suit every heart and occasion; a price tag to suit every wallet.

We really liked the environmental section which not only has a whole heap of fantastic eco friendly present ideas but also a facts section to get people inspired to actually make that charitable purchase. Try these two for pondering time: one third of the earth's soil is now unfit for growing food, due to deforestation, waste disposal and overuse of fertilizers (Overpopulation.org); every ton of recycled paper saves 380 gallons of oil (World Health Organization).

Considering Americans alone spend $250 billion on gifts every year and the proven power of the Internet to reach massive amounts of people, Changing The Present is on to a very good thing!