The menstrual cup is a great way to save some pennies and be less wasteful each monthly cycle. But some women have a few questions before making the switch.

What does it feel like? Nothing is the simple answer. You cannot feel it inside you and you don't need to change it as often as you would a tampon or pad. A woman with an average discharge might at the beginning of her period change it every eight hours. Every day after that, once during the day and once before bed, is sufficient.

The seal on the cup is brilliant so it won't leak. It's as easy as a tampon to put in. It contains no harmful chemicals and is non-absorbent, which means even on light days it doesn't cause dryness.

Cleaning is one concern some women have when considering the cup. It really is fuss free. Some women at the beginning and end of a period boil it on the stove or in the microwave; others wash it with hot water and soap under the tap. The Mooncup, in particular, is a great, easy to use alternative to tampons and pads.

If you have any other questions on using a menstrual cup please do we'd love to make a convert of you!