A new study published in the Journal Of Paediatrics has found that phthalates (chemicals found in conventional shampoos, perfume, nail polish, deodorants, cosmetics, toys, glue, paint and some plastics) could inhibit growth of a child still in the womb. This increases the chance of the baby dieing in the first few weeks of life and could also lead to long-term health benefits.

The study found that the lowest weight babies had an average of 30% higher levels phthalates in their body. Other studies have found that phthalates can affect hormones in the body leading to infertility in men.

The organic health and beauty standards (developed by the leading UK certification body, The Soil Association) prohibit the use of phthalates in all products branded with its organic mark.

Certified organic brands that are guaranteed to not contain phthalates include Essential Care (shampoo), Lavera (deodorants) and NVEY Eco (cosmetics) and Keptin Junior (toys).