I was talking to Claire (our beauteous customer service manager) yesterday and she was telling me about the organic millet pillow she bought last week. I've had the same deliciously comfy pillow for years. I even brought it with me when I moved from the other side of the world as I couldn't bear to leave it behind.

The problem is, whilst it is incredibly comfy, I'm pretty sure it's not made from wholly natural fibres. Most likely it's latex foam and contains synthetic materials like polyester which can rigger allergies and asthma or give some people headaches. I'm prone to headaches, particularly when I've pounded the pavement and my spine on a long jog or during the changing of seasons. So when Claire told me that her new millet pillow has revolutionized her whole sleep and that it is 'just divine and soooo comfortable'. I took a little notice.

Laying your head on a pillow filled with millet husks feels a bit like a bean bag with very fine beans. The thing is it moulds to your head and as Claire said about her new dreamy favourite purchase 'it just doesn't go out of shape, it's great.' Organic millet pillows are more resistant to mold and dust mites therefore good for allergy sufferers. They are also better because during manufacturing they don't draw from nonrenewable resources or use chemicals like pesticides to grow cotton or millet grain which conventional production uses.

I think it might be time to let go of my old trusty snooze mate, get myself an organic millet pillow and spend the rest of the winter hibernating!