A group of students and design professors in Bogota, Colombia have invented an Environmental Traffic Light. No it's not a solar powered light or CO2 munching machine. It is a contraption looking suspiciously like a traffic light that alerts people of the latest climate developments.

Instead of the general 3 light scenario seen at intersections across the globe, this Environmental Traffic Light has eight tiers. It gives figures on CO2 levels, LED temperature and information on other elements that are harming the environment.

The idea behind the project is to raise awareness amongst city residents of the real-time hazards of their immediate environment.

Hernando Barragan, designer of the Environmental Traffic Light explains his vision to Planet Ark: "What we want to do with this (traffic light) display is to allow people, residents of a city, different contexts to be able to see varied climate phenomena that while generally are not in plain sight are important. One of our ideas is for people to begin to understand how all this stuff works and how to get informed."