A big turkey takes a long time to cook. A bit more than your average bird, they use a lot of oven energy to get them in prime taste bud condition. But it's not all eco bad news - the oven warms the house up so you can lower the thermostat. Beyond having an Aga installed you can be eco conscious with the cooking tools you use. Keeping it simple, a good organic Turkey often needs little more than a dowsing of olive oil and a couple of cloves stuck in oranges up it's behind before being wrapped in foil and cooked for a few hours.

It's fairly easy to get hold of organic, sustainably sourced cloves, orange and oil but what of the foil? Organic foil is not possible but you can now buy 100% recycled foil to wrap your turkey in for a perfect tenderness your guests are bound to drool over.

Recycled aluminium uses 95% less energy than primary aluminium when it is produced, and can be re used over and over again. Baking parchment and baking cups are two other eco friendly products If You Care (the same people that make the foil) manufacture that may also come in handy at Christmas time. They use 100% unbleached, heavy-duty greaseproof paper and the cups can be used without a muffin pan with no greasing required.