There's a new washing machine on the European market (but sadly not available in the UK yet) that does not require any detergents to clean your dirty clothes. It's called the WasH2O and is made by Chinese company Haier.How it works is electrical currents are sent through the water turning the water's atoms into acid atoms (H+) and alkaline atoms (OH-). In this form the separated atoms are effective dirt removers. The H+ ions also act like bleach, turning those stained whites into bright whites.

This is great news for our oceans and our pockets, in the long term at least - a WasH2O is available for 700 Euros. Of course once bought you never have to buy detergent again. The chemicals found in many detergents end up in our rivers and oceans via our water systems, so by removing them in our clothes washing routine, we reduce a fair share of water pollution we've created to keep ourselves ‘clean'. Clean clothes do not necessarily translate to clean environment.

Until your machine goes kaput it would be pretty pointless to dump it in washing machine heaven. Using eco friendly detergents until it does die makes a little more sense to our throw away society. Besides, by the time the WasH2O is available to buy in the UK, it may just be time for a new machine.