... and more eco-friendly! A waste disposal scheme that involves the removal of domestic rubbish through underground pipes supposedly recycles more household waste than traditional means. In fact, it could potentially double our efforts.

Residents in a London housing complex are currently using the hi-tech system. It involves separating their waste into organic waste, dry recyclables and non-recyclables then dropping it into the relevant disposal shoot. The separated rubbish ends up in the complex's courtyard via the pipes system. The pipe network is connected to ‘cyclones' that basically suck waste away. A little like a vacuum cleaner the rubbish can travel at up to 70km an hour and up to 2km away.

Not only is this system easier and more space efficient avoiding multiply bins in the kitchen, it's also believed to be cleaner and more environmentally friendly than the current rubbish truck collection methods. Jetsons here we come!