As a typical man, I try to get away with doing as little cleaning as possible! However, being married to Sam means I don’t get away with it and have to do my fair share.

Even before starting So Organic we were looking for natural and organic alternatives to the products we used around the house. With cleaning products we chose to switch to Ecover and I remember thinking at the time that a green cleaning product must be inferior to a mainstream product like Mr. Muscle or Persil. So imagine how surprised and impressed I was and continue to be with the cleannig power of Ecover products.

Now we have Lily we do far more washing than we ever did before, and the non bio laundry liquid is hugely economical especially as we’re able to refill it at home using the 15 litre laundry liquid box. I know it saves us money, but as a guy I have to say I like the novelty of the easy pour tap which is somewhat like pouring oneself a glass of wine from a wine box (which takes me back a few years!) In a way, there is a peculiar fun about refilling the laundry liquid bottle, although I have to say, doing the washing as an end result is not quite as enjoyable as drinking a glass of wine.

Seriously though, one thing that has surprised me over time is how clean our clothes do get by using Ecover products and the subtle natural fragrance is fab compared to the synthetic fragrance you get in Daz or Bold. In fact I now find the smell of synthetic fragrance far too strong and unnecessary.

There are plenty of other Ecover products we use like the washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets and multi surface spray, but waxing lyrical about them may give Samantha the idea that I actually like cleaning! And one final reason why I like Ecover is the jazzy adverts they do. If you want to see one of them just take a look here: Happy cleaning!